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When your order ships, we will email you a confirmation with a tracking # and the ETA.
We do this to alert you that the order is on its way so that you can check your mail box so that biltong and droewors is not left outside for longer than necessary. 
It is in mint condition as it leaves our shipping dept. and it should be the same when it arrives.
If not, please notify us immediately upon receiving the shipment. Failure to do this may void our guarantee.
Please fluff the brown biltong bags open and make sure that you remove the staple from the bag.
Biltong and droewors does not like direct sun or heat or humidity and it is constantly dehydrating while in transit to you. There are no preservatives. This biltong is not meant to sit around for a week or two before you start eating it. Once you have opened the sealed bags of droewors, store it in a zippy bag. If you are not able to eat it right away, you may want to freeze both or keep them in the fridge while the country is under such extreme weather conditions. Both should be placed into a freezer grade zippy bag and stored in the fridge or freezer or store in a cool dry place. Please, under no circumstances, should it be left in a car. The rapid rise in temperature inside a car with no circulation will cause it to spoil and as a result, we cannot be held responsible for spoilage of this sort, caused by being left in a vehicle.
Always allow biltong and droewors to return to room temperature before eating. "Cold" biltong and droewors has no flavor.