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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Sales Policy Update effective 4/1/2021

We work very hard to provide you with a perfect product, with our highly respected “Sudden Old Fashioned Service”.

Our products are highly perishable and are manufactured with no preservatives. They are sold “as is”.

They can spoil easily and therefore we have limited our liability and responsibility.

We use the USPS Priority Mail Service because it’s the most cost effective and efficient way and has insurance and tracking.

We strongly encourage customers to pay for additional insurance as we provide only $50.00 insurance as part of the sale. If there is any loss, you can claim $50.00 minimum directly from the USPS, either online or in one of the local PO’s. We do not file the claim for you.

Our liability and responsibility ends when the PO scans and accepts the shipment.

We email you the ETA and tracking #, so you can follow the order, so that you are in control and can respond directly to the PO with any issues or concerns. We are unable to help you.

You can insert your email into the USPS tracking system so that you are notified by email when it is delivered and scanned. Here is a link …  https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction?qtc_tLabels1=9405503699300243837707

We ask that you open the package upon receipt and to check the order and to notify us immediately if there is any issue, not a few days or weeks later. Not notifying us right away void’s our guarantee.

We cannot rush the manufacturing process. If you insist we ship your product before its ready to be shipped and it spoils, we cannot help you.

On rare occasions, usually as a result of extreme weather conditions and intense religious holiday times like Christmas and New Year when the shipping carriers volume spikes, the time frame ETA that the USPS Priority Tracking System issues to us when we print the shipping labels, fails completely, resulting in late or delayed deliveries. Most orders take 1 – 3 business days to arrive. We plan the production and shipping accordingly so that it arrives in the same mint condition as when it shipped.

When severe weather disrupts the shipping pipelines, our preservative free products may spoil because it’s not meant to be in the shipping pipelines that long.

We advise you not to leave any of our products in a vehicle as the sudden rapid rise in temperature inside the vehicle, will cause spoilage.

If the package is lost, water damaged, stolen, put into the wrong mail box or eaten by a neighbors dog, you are to contact the USPS on www.usps.com or toll free 877-747-6249 or 800-344-7779 or 800-275-8777, directly to resolve the issue and file a claim to recover your funds. We do not replace product or refund.

We cannot rush our unique manufacturing process which produces the authentic product.

If you insist we ship your order before its ready to be shipped and we think it may spoil , we may choose to cancel or hold the order due to extreme weather elements or any other inclemental Act of G-D, such as rain, snow, ice, avalanche, storms, hail, floods, hurricanes, tornados, water spouts, tsunamis, dust storms, lightening, thunder showers earthquakes, landslides, mud slides, fires, theft, undeliverable as addressed, or any other phenomenon that disrupts the shipping and the ETA we provide you when the order ships.

As a new first time customer, we send you an email when we receive the order, where we ask you to confirm the shipping address. If you don’t confirm, we assume its correct.

Whatever ship to address is on the order, that’s where we ship it to.

When it ships, we notify you via email to the email address that’s on the order. If the email address on the order is incorrect, or your ISP blocks it or it bounces back to us or for any other reason you do not receive it from us, we are unable to notify you any further, which could lead to spoilage by sitting in your mail box without you being aware it’s there. 

This is why you should insure all your orders with us.

We are the manufacturer and distributor / shipper but we are not the shipping carrier.

We do not ship right away. We wait for our processor to give us the OK to ship notification. This “escrow” period is there intentionally on every order.  It may be a day or two or 1 – 2 weeks. It is designed to eliminate fraud and is there to protect you and us. It is out of our control. But if you use the same cc info often and repeatedly, the processor recognizes your information and the turn around time starts to speed up.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Any questions, call customer service at 1-800-BILTONG (800-245-8664) or email us at customerservice@800biltong.com